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Most schools focus on the academic success, using teaching practices that could (at best) be considered relevant for TODAY!  The biggest CHALLENGE for those involved in education is to envision what skills and attitudes will enable our children to thrive is the future. 

Schoolwallah helps education practitioners and institutions seek what is the NEXT BEST in education, and how they could reach there. 


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Words for Schoolwallah

As an Education Consultant and Auditor of Schools, I know what it means to provide exceptional service and deliver outstanding results. I ensure schools achieve the goals they seek, by seeking alignment between its people, practices, processes, its places, and between all of its programs.

Here are a few words from the amazing people I have had a chance to work with.

“I needed some help with a talk I had at one of our annual events where all of Birla Group of School educators and school leaders. The insights and structure Schoolwallah offered- allowed me to share my experiences in a way I could not have done otherwise.”

Sanjay Srivastava, BITS School, Pilani

“The Cradle PreSchool & DayCare reinvented itself into Yali Kids Schoolhouse under the sole guidance of Schoolwallah. The dedication and hours of time he put in to turn the preschool around - literally from within and without - from the organization structure, salary, profitability, and teaching philosophy. We love Schoolwallah!”

Yali Kids Schoolhouse (, Gurgaon

To the sharpest guy I know... his passion and love for teaching and learning are genuine and inspiring.

Henry Skupniewicz, MIT, Head of Fabrication at Godrej Innovation and Design, Mumbai.

Work Experience

I’m a highly organized and detail-oriented Education Consultant with a knack for strategy and the ability to prioritize effectively. For years, I have persevered in understanding the art and science of teaching and learning - where education succeeds and where it needs to work.


I am fortunate to have worked with people, and on projects - and pursue excellence in my academic, personal and professional spaces— and am happy to share them with you below.

Education Consultany
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Mentor - Creative Learning
Parent Workshop
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Student Led Workshop
Volunteer Work
Concept & Design
English Literature
The Masters
Free Hugs
Student Workshop
Interns and Educators
Contextual Learning
School Consultant
Sustaining Engagement

Educator, Language and Literature

Worked for The Riverside School, Ahmedabad for 7.5 years, and Anand Niketan Group of Schools for 1 year.

Digital Storyteller

Social Media 'catalyst' for Design for Change for 2.5 years.

Education Consultancy

Worked as a consultant on behalf of Riverside School, to teach for India's online portal

Development Sector

Initiatited Chaalo Neeshaad, working with the urban-slum dwelling communities in Ahmedabad.

Social Campaigner

Organized the largest free hugs campaign in Ahmedabad, with more than 150 people coming together across 10 pre-decided locations to give free hugs to more than 12000 people.

Workshop Conductor & Teacher Trainer

Conducted training for teachers, education leaders as a part of Riverside Learning Center, created and curated teacher training resources.

Teacher Observation & School Audit

Conducted school audit and classroom observations - informing Education Leaders about practices & policies.

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