I teach, therefore I am.

With students of Andover, MA, USA

What Classrooms teach a Teacher

If you listen intently, the cacophonic noises of a classroom holds the wisdom of tomorrow. A classroom holds such transformative power, not just for the intended, but also for the 'intendee'.

You can't teach and not learn, too. You can't enrich the soil of a young mind without enriching your own. Learning is a two-way street. Learning is deep as it is wide. Learning is gaining power by giving it. Learning is to dominate by submitting. More importantly, learning is the desire to not dominate in the first place, but being eager to submit. It is the desire to give, and take only what is required.

Learning is to know how much is enough, and to have the strength of conviction to say no to more.

Teaching is learning, and learning is teaching. I learn from my children while I teach them, and get back so much more from children. And no matter how hard I try to give them more and more of me, they always find a way to give back more than I give them.

My children teach me how to smile. They distract me from my sadness. They accept me as who I am. They even accept those sides of me that I am not necessarily comfortable with.

They almost always know more than I do. And yet, they have the humility to listen to me, and to consider me wiser than them. My children make amazing friends. They teach me how to be generous of heart. They teach me how to be foolish. And they teach me how to fall, and be ok with it.

They keep the child inside me alive. They keep me motivated. They keep me on my toes. They help me build stamina and patience by making me run the extra mile. They are irrational and arrogant sometimes, so I learn how to be humble and understanding. They teach me how to forgive easily.

My children lead by example, and force me to do the same.

They expect nothing but the best from me. Best of spirit, intent, heart, mind and soul.

And THIS is why I chose to be TEACHER...because no place in the world can teach you as much as a class full of happy children! :-)

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