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If you find any mistake or error in what I post, it's my fault and not the fault of the Spanish version. But anyway, I will do my best and I want to help. . A: I think that "solicitud de que" is more usual than "solicitud de" in this sense: Yo, pues, no creo que vayas a cumplir tu promesa. Te estabas diciendo que no te vas a ir. Porque tengo que irme a casa de la abuela. (p.m.) Me gustaría que vinieras con nosotros. Te estaría agradecida (p.m.). If I understood well the expression, I would translate it as: I think that you're not going to fulfill your promise. You were saying you're not going to go. Because I have to go home to meet my grandmother. I would like you to come with us. I would be grateful if you came with us. Identification of microRNAs related to the metastatic potential of gastric carcinoma cells. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of small, noncoding RNAs that function as regulators of protein expression. In this study, we examined the expression of miRNAs in the metastatic cells derived from the less metastatic gastric cancer cell line (Kato III) to the highly metastatic gastric cancer cell line (MKN-28) using microRNA array. We compared the miRNA expression profile of each cell type by using the microarray platform. In the microarray data, three miRNAs, miR-96, miR-18b, and miR-26a, were found to be differentially expressed between the two cell types. Real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction analysis validated that miR-18b and miR-26a expression was significantly lower in the metastatic MKN-28 cells than in the less metastatic Kato III cells. To confirm the validity of microarray data, we



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